Noble Pk

Start your Adventure

Welcome Adventuer, ever missed runescape before it became complicated? Welcome to the land of pre EOC. Welcome to NoblePK!

Massive Dungeons

Do you have the skills an adventurer needs to discover the floors of dungeoneering? Fight your way to earn your prize along the way.

Co-op Gameplay

A solo experience is fun, but have you tried it with your friends? Try it out in our co-op slayer to earn rewards.

Epic Loot

Everyones journey is different, prove you have skills, knowledge, and power to earn unique and awesome loot you have collect on your journey.

Game modes

Noble Pk offer a variety of different modes from regular, ironman, and different combat styles such as magic, melee and range.


start from the ground up and bring your upgrades to the hardest bosses around noblePk


train your slayer to kill gain a variety of different tasks that offer worth playing for rewards


NoblePK understands the value of donations, as they keep the server thriving and advertised to potential new players and awesome updates


If you vote for NoblePK not only can you support us for free but you also get rewarded for it.

custom items

custom items allow for a custom experience while keeping the EOC vibe alive.


no server cannot function with great staff at hand. We only pick the best staff who are passionate about a smooth player experience and help find solutions to problems as efficiently as possible.

Zombies Onslaught

Fight endless waves of brutal zombies to test your metal and earn rewards.